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Why PubSURE?

PubSURE ‘s state-of-the-art AI Engine leverages 17+ years of research, an in-depth understanding of the publishing system, evolving editing processes, and advice from journal editors. The report is intelligently curated and evaluates your manuscript to indicate the level of its submission readiness. Even better, all this happens in minutes. Be sure with PubSURE.


  • Language Quality

    High level assessment of language to catch all the grammar, spelling, and writing errors.

  • Ethical Compliance

    Check for missing ethical declarations to avoid multiple revisions.

  • Tables and Figures

    Thorough checks for table and figure citations, to ensure that they have all been duly mentioned.

  • Reference Quality

    Prompt alerts on recognition of very old references and/or overuse of self-citations that could lead to desk rejections.

  • Commercial Declarations

    Check of ancillary declarations to avoid time-consuming legal issues and loss of reputation.

  • Plagiarism

    Thorough check to avoid accidental plagiarism that could result in rejection.

  • Authorship

    Thorough check of the correspondence information (ORCIDs, Clinical Trial Registry Number), to ensure smooth communication.

  • Completion Check

    Thorough check of whether the paper includes all mandatory sections (Introduction, Results, etc.).

Upcoming Features

  • Abstract Intelligence
  • Journal Scope Check
  • Technical Compliance

Package Options


  • 1
    detailed report
  • Word Limit
    Up to 25,000 words
  • Validity
    3 months


  • 3
    detailed reports
  • Word Limit
    Up to 75,000 words
  • Validity
    12 months


  • 5
    detailed reports
  • Word Limit
    Up to 125,000 words
  • Validity
    24 months

Researcher Stories

Hüseyin Kuru

Statistical Analysis Coach, Istanbul Commerce University

I did not even know how many ethical declarations one needs to make to submit a paper, let alone know whether I had complied with them all! PubSURE made it so simple for me!

Adriana Kocaqi

Sapienza University of Rome

With PubSURE, I was able to check whether my research paper was ready for submission, every step of the way.

Elmar Mustafayev

Chair of the Political Science and Philosophy Department, Khazar University

With so many responsibilities that my job demands, it is a real help to have some basic hygiene in place so that my time goes towards my research work, where it rightly belongs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PubSURE score is free of any charge.

The detailed PubSURE report which identifies exact areas of improvement in your research paper is chargeable, and can be bought at reasonable costs from the various plans available.

Yes, it is completely guaranteed. We know that your work is valuable, and we appreciate your need for confidentiality. PubSURE is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified which guarantees 100% security, ensuring that your work remains yours.

No. Your PubSURE report and score, both, are secured. None of your details will ever be shared anywhere without your formal consent/knowledge.

A poor PubSURE score means you need to redo parts of your paper to avoid chances of desk rejection. The detailed PubSURE report shows you the areas in which you need help, so that you know exactly what to work on to help you avoid greater disappointment in the future.

Yes, we recommend it. PubSURE is a great AI-powered tool that gives you an objective view of your paper’s publication readiness status. It has been designed keeping in mind the things journal editors typically check first, when they receive your paper.

PubSURE’s AI Engine leverages 17+ years of unparalleled understanding of research and the editorial processes involved (including plagiarism checks, ethical compliance and commercial declarations, citation checks, artwork check, and reference quality check, amongst other things) and powers an exhaustive suite of diagnostics to assess your manuscript.

Depending on your paper’s quality, you may need 1-3 checks to be completely sure of your paper’s readiness.