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It is a known fact that while many researchers submit articles for publishing,

most of them get rejected, even before the review, because their articles are not ready to publish.

With PubSURE, you can save time and find high-quality, submission-ready articles for your journal.

What is PubSURE?

PubSURE is an AI-powered engine that checks the submission readiness of research manuscripts. Intelligently curated, it is based on + years of editorial experience, an understanding of the publishing system, and knowledge of evolving editing processes that helps it evaluate manuscripts across the key submission parameters for journals.

This not only ensures you get the best written articles for your journal, but also assists you by speeding up the review process without hindering accuracy. Sign up today to access PubSURE’s AI-enabled manuscript screening and intelligent assistance for your journal.


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Why choose PubSURE?

See the best research first

Access the best research, by the best authors, before it's submitted to any journal.

Strategically steer editorial focus

Search and find high-quality articles in new areas for your journal.

Speed up publication time

After integrity checks, semantic matching, and editor interest in a paper, peer review should be a smoother and faster experience.

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How does PubSURE work?

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  • Register for free and, after a brief vetting process, you will get access to a wide range of world-class articles.

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  • Get access to accurately relevant articles for your journal, along with their PubSURE Certificates.

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The PubSURE Promise

Find high-quality, publishing-ready articles for your journal

For too long journals have relied on their submission systems to select manuscripts for their journals. Maybe the occasional thematic special issue has shaken things up a little, but now editors can take real control over the quantity and quality of manuscripts considered for their journals.

PubSURE Connect is a pre-submission platform that allows editors of select journals to see, sort, and filter through thousands of manuscripts that have not yet been published. These unpublished manuscripts come from preprint servers, direct submissions, and through editing services, where authors have opted to include the final edited work on the PubSURE Connect platform.

At any one time there are thousands of manuscripts available on the platform, but we show you only those which are relevant to your journal. In addition, only manuscripts which have passed PubSURE’s pre-submission evaluation checks are allowed on the platform, so you can rest assured knowing that grammar, references, and other technical checks have already been passed.

To keep things fresh, and to make sure you only see the latest work, manuscripts can only reside on the platform for 60 days maximum. After that time, and if no editor has invited the manuscript to be submitted to their journal, the manuscript is simply removed from the platform.

When you’ve found an article you like, simply inform the author with a simple one click process, inviting them to submit to your journal. At this point, other interested editors may also wish to invite the author to submit to their journal – meaning the author gets choice on where to publish.