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It is a known fact that many researchers submit their articles for publishing, but most of them get rejected even before review due to a lack in publishing-readiness of their article.

With PubSURE, find high quality publishing-ready articles and save time.

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PubSUREā€˜s state-of-the-art AI Engine leverages 17+ years of research, an in-depth understanding of the publishing system, evolving editing processes, and advice from journal editors. The report is intelligently curated and evaluates articles to indicate the level of their submission readiness to journal editors.

This not only gives you the best written articles for your journal, but also assists you in speeding up the review process without hindering accuracy.

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Article Title - The association of diabetes melitus and insulin treatment with expression of insulin-related proteins in breast tumours.
File Name - article_file_name.docx
Report Date - Feb 16, 2017, 13:56
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